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Mazinger Z 50 Cm FINE ART COLD CAST STATUE / 200 Pcs Limited edition

¥52,000 (Sold out)

In Action! rendition of the most famous robot created by GO NAGAI, MAZINGER Z, firing his Rocket Punch and using his photon rockets.
Batterie operated, the trails from the Photon Rockets are made of clear resin and are LED Equipped, the statue look great in low light environment, LEDs can be turned ON or OFF using a push switch at the back of the base.
(need LR6 X3 batteries / NOT provided)
The smoke effect is having a granular paint application recreating dust and movements.
The statue of mazinger is mounted on the fire trail effects using large pins and magnets so all parts can fit perfectly and remain stable.
This Statue is produced in a very limited numbers, 200 pcs for the world wide market. Each statue is having a serial number.

!! This is a very large and heavy statue (7Kg), you will need to have enough room to display MazingerZ , approximately 50cm3 (50x50x50 Cm) is necessary.

No return / No refund allowed