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this 6 meters infalatable grendizer comes with a multivoltage (100~220V . 50/60 hz) air blower.
1 17Cm metaltech Z Mazinger action figure (20+ PoA) - limited edition -
METALTECH 06 ~ manga white ~ Z MAZINGER  300 pcs limited edition
OUTLET Version, 10 pieces we received from our factory with the packaging in a not so perfect condition (ex; corner crushed or wrong printed colors), otherwise the included products, Z mazinger white ed. and all accessories, are perfectly fine.
METALTECH 06 ~ manga white ~ Z MAZINGER  / OUTLET Ver. (read description)
In Action! rendition of the most famous robot created by GO NAGAI, MAZINGER Z, firing his Rocket Punch and using his photon rockets.
Mazinger Z 50 Cm FINE ART COLD CAST STATUE / 200 Pcs Limited edition